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Steel Window

One of the modern and classic types of windows that you can install in your beautiful home is a steel window. Steel windows are easy to manage and they uphold their natural beauty. There are a large number of designs and patterns of steel windows available. So whatever your preference is, there is an abundance of choices to select from.


Door Frames

Metal door frames are a great option for your home. At an

economic cost and having a long life, metal frames are a

strong and safe addition to your home. They will never suffer

rotting problems, problems with termite and insects

or weather effects.



Supply Glass:

Tempered Glass

  • Tempered glass is a great option for your windows or doors because this glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength. If ever broken the glass will crumble into small granular chunks instead of large jagged shards. This is great for safety because the smaller pieces are less likely to cause injury.


Insulated Glass

  • Insulating glass is two or more plies of glass enclosing a hermetically sealed air space. Inherently, insulating glass increases a window thermal performance by reducing the heat gain or loss.


Low-E Glass

  • Low-emissive glass is a great option for customers looking to reflect heat while allowing light to pass through. Low E-glass is a type of glass that has been treated with an invisible metal or metallic oxide coating, creating a surface that allows the glass to reflect this heat, which could lead to energy savings.


Stained Glass

  • Stained glass windows are a great option for someone looking for a more artistic style window. This style is commonly used as accent pieces for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, or foyers. Stained glass can be very versatile and is often used add visual appeal. Lastly, stained glass can also offer more privacy more than other types of glass.


Switchable Smart Glass

  • Switchable Glass also called smart windows, is a great option, because it allows you to control the amount of light that gets through. Most switchable glass blocks ultraviolet light, which protects your skin and also prevents the fabric and furniture near your windows from fading.



  • Install Windows and Doors

  • Curtin Walls

  • Replace Failed and Damaged glass

  • Waterproof and Caulking

  • Window and Door Hardware


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